Open Source EM continued…

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Open source EM can also found in human capital.  Crisismappers, CrisisCommons, and other groups like those can be considered open source.  These groups are generally made up of volunteers who utilize all sorts of free/open source software like Ushahidi and even the teams could be considered open source.  They are groups of technically proficient people who provide a service for free and are organized in a grassroots approach.  In fact this seems to be a new movement in emergency management, grassroots response.  People who are victims of a disaster are going to be the true first responders.  In reality, it’s their response that can have a profound effect on the outcome of events.  If we leverage their eyes and abilities, we can essentially have instant response and scene size up.  Groups like CERT and the Red Cross are training citizens anyways, so if we can find a way to get people to report information and provide a way to organize people right after a disaster than we can really change how disaster response happens.  Groups like the ones I talked about are doing a great job of trying to do this.


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