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Watch severe storms from the comfort of anywhere

Thunderstorms produce many hazards that put li...

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The internet has allowed us to experience cultures and experience from around the world.  I am a big severe weather fan, I love the raw power and beauty of a massive supercell thunderstorm, but I was limited to watching recorded videos after the fact.  Now you can watch severe storms and storm chasers live on the internet!  This actually isn’t new, I have been checking this out for a couple years now but it’s popularity has really taken off. allows you to watch chasers live in the field.  This is a technology that could be very useful in emergency management.  Yesterday I watched the chasers live while listening to live scanners from area’s being impacted.  I had a very extensive operational picture even though I was thousands of miles away from the storms.  The potential for this technology, especially with newer and faster 4G technology, is enormous.  This technology can allow emergency managers to view incidents live from anywhere there is high speed internet access.