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We need a new American dream

As I sit and read and watch the horror and atrocities around the world I realize how quickly these events can happen and how our country is always at risk.  I see hope that there are people who are doing what they can to help by either responding directly or by donating what they can.  This is great and makes me proud to be an American.  Yet, there is a disturbing trend that I have noticed since the quakes in Chile and Haiti and it disgusts me on every level.

The United States of America is in conflict.  We are losing our position as the most powerful country on our planet and I am seeing changes that scare me to death.  The trend I am seeing that indicates these changes can be found on any forum or comments section of a website or around your local watering hole.  It’s the large number of people who are saying we shouldn’t respond to these disasters anymore.  They say “we have problems of our own”.  To me, this is more un-American than burning the flag.  The thing that helps me deal with all of the tragedy that takes place around the world and makes me so proud to be an American, is the fact that we respond.  No matter what.  No matter our financial situation or the problems we are having, it has been a proud tradition to send whatever aid we can and rallying our nations citizens into action.  Abandoning those around the world in need will unseat us from the head of the table far faster than any economical crisis ever could.

Our American dream of a big house and nice cars is no longer feasible for everyone and everywhere I hear people who are talking about how bad we have it and what a sorry state the country is in.  I myself have recently lost my job due to a budget crisis but I almost laugh when I think about “how bad I have it”, yeah I lost my job and it sucks but I have good health, a roof over my head, and a good chance that I will find another job and be back to “normal” at some point.  This brings me to my point; We don’t have it bad.  When countries see us whining because of money troubles and see us sitting on our hands because our citizens don’t want to spend money helping anyone, they see weakness.  I mean unemployment of 9%?  If that’s the worst thing that happens to us this year than we are incredibly lucky.

There are countries who are facing famine, genocide, one natural disaster after another and you don’t hear as much whining!  I have a new American dream.  My dream is that our country and citizens stop making excuses and complaining and we pull ourselves up by our boots straps.  I want to see the same vigilance and resiliency I have seen through our history.  We have to respond to other countries because that is what the United States of America does.  We save lives because we know all that we have, have had,  and are thankful and appreciate all of it.  We do not take what we have for granted and we understand how bad it could be.  We can rebuild our credibility, our status, and our pride by continuing to be that guiding light in the world.  I am probably preaching  to the choir, but my dream is that everyone takes responsibility for this.  I know that not everyone can be the hero who kicks in a door and saves a family from a burning house but we can all do something.  Even now that I am trying to figure out what to do next, I am going to continue volunteering as I have for the last 13 years of my life (i’m 27 now).  I do this because I was inspired to do so by people who are hold in extremely high regard because of their service to their communities and this country.  So, when considering whether or not to help or not, I hope you will stop and think about everything you have and how bad things could really be.  Give what you can because you know it’s right and it’s what we do as Americans.  Most of all, please appreciate all that you have and have mercy on those who are truly struggling.